Disposable Paper Cup Showdown: Which Coatings Reign Supreme in Today’s Market?

Sustainability concerns are driving major changes in Europe’s disposable paper cup market, with plastic on the decline and eco-friendly alternatives on the rise. As our research, consumers, especially younger demographics, actively favor businesses using eco-friendly packaging like compostable cups over plastic options. This influences purchasing. Companies want to build a reputation for sustainability. Switching to […]

Difference Between FSC And PEFC

For responsible companies who value sustainable supply chains and take corporate social responsibility seriously, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification is usually the preferred choice.  Meanwhile, some paper mills opt for certification under the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) system. So what are the main differences between FSC and PEFC certificates? We will […]

What Is Chipboard Or Grey Board?

Chipboard is also called grey board.  Today we are going to introduce you about this product through the following steps: What Materials Are Usually Used In Producing Chipboard Here are some of the most common materials used to produce chipboard: – Recycled paper – This is one of the main components of chipboard. It typically […]

IsAqueous Coating Really Plastic-Free?

Aqueous coating refers to protective linings and coatings that use water as the main carrier fluid or solvent. Some key points about aqueous linings. Compostability makes aqueous coatings more sustainable compared to traditional solvent-borne coatings, which can persist in the environment. As demand grows for more environmentally-friendly solutions, aqueous coatings present an attractive option for […]

TF Group Promotes Recycled High-Barrier Packaging Paper To Flexible Packaging Market

– TF Group leads in innovative recyclable packaging with an expanded range of medium, high, and very high barrier paper substrates that provide excellent product protection. – Our barrier paper offerings provide fiber-based alternatives to unrecyclable plastics and aluminum, enabling sustainable packaging solutions. – Through tailored coating technologies, we develop purpose-fit paper packaging solutions that […]

What Types of Paper/Cardboard Are Recommended for Making Shopping Bags

High-end shopping bags are typically made from premium and durable materials that not only look appealing but also provide a lasting impression to the customers. Some of the materials commonly used to create high-end shopping bags are: 1. Art Paper: High-end shopping bags often use thick and glossy coated art paper, which has a smooth […]

Why Do We Need Paper Flexible Packaging?

How Does The Platic Packaging Impact The Environment Plastic packaging has a significant impact on the environment throughout its lifecycle. Here are some ways how plastic packaging impacts the environment, especially unrecyclable plastic material: 1. Production: Plastic production requires the use of fossil fuels. The extraction of these fuels results in air pollution and contributes […]

PFAS Impacts On Food Packaging

PFAS, known as “Forever Chemicals”, widely exists in our daily life. For example, the packaging from fast-food restaurants, snack stores, and grocery stores, was tested and proved positive for PFAS. And it can migrate from packaging into the food you are about to eat. Like the cheese hamburger wrapped in greaseproof paper, which certainly contains […]

Brief Introduction of Paper-based Food Packaging Material and Advantages

In the cognition of environmentally friendly materials, the advantages of paper being renewable, recyclable, and degradable have been deeply rooted in our minds. Therefore, from the brand side to the consumers, “replacing plastic with paper” is becoming more and more popular and serious. Especially in the food field, in order to meet the needs of […]