Brief Introduction of Paper-based Food Packaging Material and Advantages

In the cognition of environmentally friendly materials, the advantages of paper being renewable, recyclable, and degradable have been deeply rooted in our minds. Therefore, from the brand side to the consumers, “replacing plastic with paper” is becoming more and more popular and serious.

Especially in the food field, in order to meet the needs of large-scale, more portable, and more hygienic consumption, the packaging scheme of primary packaging + large secondary packaging is often adopted. When the primary packaging that directly contacts the food meets the requirements of sub-packaging such as moisture resistance, oxygen resistance, and oil resistance, many brands focus on the environmental protection transformation of secondary packaging. Among the plenty of choices, the environmentally friendly single-material solution such as paper is obviously a good choice.

As the secondary packaging that consumers see and touch at first sight, its visual and tactile packaging performance has become the key to conveying the brand image. So, how can we make packaging the best pusher to convey the brand image? Lightweight kraft paper is definitely a good choice.

Holapaper lightweight kraft paper has the following advantages:

40gsm Recyclable Package Paper
  1. Meet load-bearing and logistics needs

High-strength and lightweight can meet the packaging requirements of higher load-bearing and erect support, and at the same time ensure that it is intact in logistics.

  • Excellent processing performance improves efficiency

Holapaper white kraft paper has good processing properties and can be heat-sealed coating or high-barrier processing to help customers achieve high-efficiency, batch packaging needs.

  • Highlight the brand impression

Holapaper white kraft paper can present full and bright colors, highlighting the brand design texture.

  • Food safety certification

Food-grade white kraft paper has passed strict safety certification/approval to ensure safe enough to contact food directly. The certificates of product and production are as follows:

  • China QS food contact certificate
  • EN 71-3: Safety of Toys 
  • FDA
  • BfR & LFGB
  • FSSC 22000
  • ISO 22000

In fact, in addition to secondary packaging, paper-based materials are gradually being directly used by many brands in primary packaging that directly contacts food, which is inseparable from the excellent coating and processing properties of the base paper.

Our white kraft paper has the characteristics of a smooth surface, dense texture and good strength, which is very suitable for high-barrier coated base paper. Excellent packaging solution brings more possibilities for application scenarios, helping brands to achieve a wider transformation of “replacing plastic with paper”.

With the continuous expansion of the application scope of paper packaging, Holapaper will continue to cooperate with upstream and downstream partners to explore and innovate to meet more diverse terminal needs, so that paper packaging can be implemented in more fields, and together to achieve the sustainable packaging industry transformation.

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