8 Good things about Paper Bags in the food industry

In the food industry, the use of paper bags comes with a lot of great benefits. Not many people have come to realize this yet. But with this article, you would know the good things about paper bags.

From its eco-friendliness to its cost-effectiveness and so on, paper bags have all the features needed to call it the “ideal material” for the food industry. Interestingly, these features don’t just benefit business owners alone. Customers also have something to gain.

Want to know more? Then keep reading>>> In the remaining parts of this article, you will understand why paper bags are so perfect for use in the food industry.


1. They are perfect for takeaway

2. Paper bags are good carrying bags

3. They are great for storing food

4. Paper bags are eco-friendly

5. They are Recyclable

6. Paper bags are Reusable

7. They are great for building brand-recognition

8. Paper bags are Reliable

Food-grade Paper Packaging

1. They are perfect for take-away

Not everyone in a restaurant would always want to eat in. At times, a customer might prefer to take away the food. If you sell fried chips, French fries, sandwiches, and so on, having a paper bag can make a big difference. Giving your customer the option of taking their sandwich home with them in a paper sandwich bag would be a plus to your customer service.

It doesn’t end there. Apart from the usefulness in regular restaurants, paper bags are also useful in drive-through restaurants. You can design custom paper bags into whatever shape or size you want to fit what you are selling.

Plastics are made entirely out of toxic chemicals. Hence, serving foods in plastic bags could pose a serious threat to your customers’ health.

2. Paper bags are good carrying bags

Big and small paper bags come in handy in grocery stores. Medium-weight paper bags are great for carrying vegetables and other food items like:

  • Coffee,
  • Spices,
  • Tea,
  • Candy.
paper bag packaging for food carry away

Heavy-weight paper bags serve a good use in liquor stores to carry beer, wines, liquor, and so on. Whatever food business you run, paper bags will surely be suitable for carrying something.

Your customers can use paper bags to carry anything from light fruits like apples and oranges to heavy items like a few wine bottles. The fact that they can carry many things makes them such a great solution for packaging across the entire food industry.

3. They are great for storing food

When it comes to storing food, paper bags are an excellent choice. You can use them to store fruits and vegetables in your fridge without worrying about them damaging the food. If you have paper bags of the right weight and dimensions, you have what you need to store:

  • Rice,
  • Wheat,
  • Oats,
  • Corn,
  • Barley, and so on.
Packages Of Sweet Dried Fruit

They will keep your food fresh for a very long time by reducing the rate of decomposition and spoilage. If you are looking for the perfect material to hold your food while roasting or heating, paper bags also happen to be an ideal choice.

Strong Kraft paper bags can withstand heat, and they are handy for certain food processes where heat is involved. Many health professionals strongly advise against storing food with plastics because of the harmful chemicals they release when subjected to heat.

4. Paper bags are eco-friendly

We should all work together to protect our world. Plastics are bad for the environment, and together, we all should say “no” to plastics. It is a common saying that “plastics are immortal.” That is, once they are born (produced), they can never die (decay).

Without checking any reports, research, or case studies, it should be evident that they are a major culprit of pollution in our world today.


Unlike plastics bags, paper bags are made from renewable and biodegradable materials. They decompose easily by the action of bacteria and other natural organisms. Because microorganisms act on paper, they don’t take a long time to disintegrate.

Paper bags made from Bagasse have an amazing decomposition time of six months. Looking at the time frame, it’s safe to say that they don’t pose any serious threat to the environment.   

Many smart food business owners who are well-informed have completely switched all their packaging to paper to reduce plastics’ negative impacts. You too should join that train. By using paper in the food industry, we would be reducing the global use of plastics, and its adverse effects would be significantly reduced.

5. They are Recyclable

Used paper bags don’t always have to go waste. Instead of allowing them to pile up on a dumpsite, we can recycle them into brand new bags. The recycling process is entirely eco-friendly with little or no toxic gas emission, unlike plastics.

Recycling helps save energy because there is no need to make any new material from scratch. The Energy Information Administration has claimed that 40% of energy is saved when paper is recycled versus when it is made from fresh pulp.

You might fail to see the importance of this now, but the significance becomes glaring when you look closely. Imagine how much we can produce in the food industry with the 40% we save with recycling. A lot, right? Yes.

The EIA has been very vocal about this topic over the years, and it’s high time we all start paying attention.

6. Paper bags are Reusable

Being able to reuse an item twice is great for both business owners and customers. With paper bags, you have something you can use multiple times in your food store. They can be reused for food storage and can also be used multiple times in several food processes.

This reusability feature not only helps to reduce pollution but also helps to reduce expenses. In other words, because paper bags are reusable, you don’t always have to buy new ones. Asides from these positive effects on your business’ finances, there is also something for customers to gain. By packaging your products in paper bags, you give your customers an item they can use more than once. Paper coffee bags, paper grocery bags, and so on are reusable.

Different Food In Recycling Paper Bag

A lot of these bags are very durable and have a high resistance to wear and tear. You can use them for several weeks and even months.

7. They are great for building brand recognition

If you are looking to enhance your brand recognition, custom paper bags are the way to go. The perfect design print on your paper bags will separate you from your competitors. Many big food businesses like McDonald’s and KFC take this very seriously. Trust me, if you haven’t considered this yet for your business, you have to look into it now.

paper packaging

Having your business logo and even address on your paper bags will help you attract more customers. It’s somewhat a promotional campaign. Someone who doesn’t know your restaurant or store can get to know about your business just by seeing your custom paper bags.

White paper bags give you a plain background to try out a bunch of different colors and designs. Depending on what you want, brown paper bags can be perfect in bringing out the true beauty of the design you have in mind.

While we are still talking about design, it is good we talk about bespoke paper bottle bags. A lot of oenophiles love to buy their wines in bespoke paper bags. Being able to sell your wine in custom paper bottle bags based on your customers’ needs would make your wine store stand out.

In a nutshell, there are no limitations with how you can design your paper bags. No matter the kind of food business you run, paper bags must still be seen as a valuable tool for brand recognition.

8. Paper Bags are Reliable

The reliability of paper bags implies that they are very unlikely to fail in doing what they are meant to do. In other words, when you use a paper bag, you can be rest assured that they wouldn’t tear easily. Many people prefer to use a paper grocery bag because they are far more reliable than plastic bags.

You can test this yourself. Carry the same set of items in a light paper bag and in a light plastic bag of the same thickness and see which tears first. In fact, when you subject both to heat, things get a bit more interesting. The plastic bag would only last a few seconds before it starts melting.

Looking at all the facts, paper bags are the ideal material for any food business looking for good packaging material.


Now, you have gotten to the end of the article. Before you go-ahead to do something else, take some time to reflect on everything we talked about in this write-up. Read again if there’s anything you need to understand better.

Hopefully, with this post, we have shown you some of the good things about paper bags in the food industry. If you want a summary of this entire in one sentence, here you go: “Paper bags are better than plastic bags.”

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